We offer a unique driving experience in which providing the highest level of professional service is at the core of our brand. Professional passengers are clean, respectful and courteous. Many of our corporate partners choose ARIYAH ELITE as their sole transportation service because they prefer our Luxury chauffeured experience. 


ARIYAH ELITE is committed to providing the very best chauffeured ride experience. This means that we look for independent operators who:

  • keep their vehicle clean inside and out
  • have a safe official driving record, and exhibit safe and smooth driving habits everyday
  • dress professionally 
  • carry guests’ luggage and open passengers’ doors
  • read social queues to either engage in conversation or maintain a quiet space for working or resting
  • arrive on-time, every-time

Most ARIYAH ELITE RIDE dispatches are prearranged, meaning you know your work schedule in advance of starting your day.

Along with having all the correct up-to-date licences, we ensure each chauffeur is experienced, clear Disclosure check, and clear driving history. This guarantees our clients the utmost peace of mind and ensures that all our chauffeurs provide a discreet and professional chauffeur service

ARIYAH ELITE pays a percentage of base fares, and passes 100% of in-app gratuities to ARIYAH ELITE PARTNERS. This combined with typically longer distance rides makes ARIYAH ELITE one of the best paying E-Hailing/ride-share options available.